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Kate Cullum is a textile designer with a passion for texture and colour. Trained at Winchester School of Art with a degree in woven textiles she designs & creates hand woven rugs and textiles with a focus on creativity, craftsmanship and sustainability. 

All of our rugs are handwoven in India by a multi generational family of weavers in Jaipur that are 'Good Weave' certified ensuring that no child labour is used and ensure high working standards within the rug industry.

Committed to honouring the rich history & process of these ancient crafts and skills each rug is made to order to minimise waste and can take several weeks to weave. A selection of preset sizes are available to order or if you need different sizes or colours fill out the contact form with your requirements and we will get back to you with a quote.

Trade prices and discounts available - email for details

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